We believe the key to developing the most solid relationships is through mutual respect, kindness, transparency, and genuine care inspired by the passion of the pursuit of  happiness. Organic reciprocity is a quality which we all cherish deeply, which is why we'll always take care of our people.

They say luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. We would like to express how lucky we feel that you've given us this opportunity to prepare you into on-boarding us into your life. From the beginning, until the very end - we got your back. All things grow with love. We're looking forward to fostering yours.

We're The Herbalist Shoppe, welcome to our apothecary.


We do what we do for the simplest of reasons: to provide our clientele the highest quality products with astoundingly reasonable prices. Our compassionate care concierge team is continuously on the hunt, sourcing products that our experienced experts deem to be suitable for our clients.

We've had the chance to experience this industry as professionals, but as consumers as well and we truly feel as though we are what this niche community needs: a mail order compassion club of the people. We're constantly exploring avenues in which we can grow, we'd love the opportunity to show you. Feel free to hit us up with critique, our evolution is dependent on your support.

We're here to change the game, our essence is inspired by the communities that support us.


Juice is temporary, anyone can obtain the juice, the juice always comes and goes. Sauce is forever, you’re lost without the sauce but you can get lost in the sauce. The Game though. The game is eternal, without beginning or end, always in existence.

We are obsessed with the game.

The definition of the game seems to vary from person to person; while some believe the origins have been lost through civilization. We, The Herbalists, believe that the game is a multifaceted concept that boils down to the feeling of experience and the experience of feeling tenacity in its purest form. That type of shit that you feel in your bones that ignites the flame in your heart to strive and prosper, always.

To us, the game is that uncomfortable lump of insecurity that sets in your throat five minutes after your heart starts to race in anticipation of a momentous moment of decision or action. The game is that resonating warmth that stems from your chest when a moment of inspired brilliance is met by that special flavour of determination, perseverance, and passion that lives in the deepest recesses of your heart.

The game may be that moment when you realise you’ve slept through three alarms, the game may be that moment you wake up one minute before your alarm goes off, but what is for certain is the game is that moment you realise that alarm doesn’t mean shit when you’re on your grind and have confidently put your name on the day because you put numbers on the board. The game is measuring your achievements not by time spent, but by goals accomplished.

Although the game ain’t based on sympathy, the game is all about mutual respect, kindness, and taking care of your people. We can’t say for sure what the game is for certain, but we do know at the essence of it is the pursuit of happiness and we’ve got the best remedies for a variety of maladies and malaise; especially debilitating boredom.

Welcome to our cultivated community of cannabis connoisseurs.


We've been drawing on the boards here for quite some time to try to come up with what we think is going to be potentially the most devastating referral and rewards program. Though we've got our best and most qualified geniuses on it, we're asking for your patience so we can be sure  what we drop is just right.

We're looking to release our referrals & rewards program towards June 2018 to keep you strapped during the summer. In the meantime, be sure to keep checking the website and Instagram as we're going to be running some pretty sweet promotions, deals, and giveaways/contests.

Staying on your grind is crucial. Earning cool rewards is fun. We got you. 


As the homie James Cash Penney once said, "Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together". As we both belong to a niche community, we feel that it's crucial to grow with our clientele's needs, as soon as you need them.

We always appreciate suggestions from the community, so much so that we'll hook you up with a little care package for your suggestions we implement. Whether you have special requirements, general inquiries about products, or you feel as though there's something we can do better - we would love to know.

We're listeningIf there's absolutely anything you may need, feel free to drop us a line.